Handcraft Wine Redefined

We offer a unique hands-on experience in creating personalized bottles of world-class wine. Select your own ingredients, produce and bottle your own wine. You can even design the label. Your personalized wine is great for gifts, party favors, and starting or restocking your wine cellar. Create an experience you can bottle at Oeno Winemaking

Our Story

Oeno (Eeh-No) is the Greek goddess of wine.

Named after the Greek wine goddess, Oeno Winemaking is Oahu’s only Winery. Using an Italian technique, Oeno wines are naturally produced with little to no sulfite preservatives and shorter aging. The result is an intensely fresh and vibrant wine that finishes clean and silky smooth.

What Our Clients Say

Absolutely the best evening at Oeno. Amazing service, we felt like family.  The bread was to die for. Can’t say enough good things. We will return!

Ann Phelan

Ann Phelan

Does “everything” cover what we love about this place? In addition to great locally-made wines, the staff is great and the attitude is laid back, classic Hawaiian, plus the owners are almost always available with a smile and a generous pour.

Christopher Tipton

Christopher Tipton

Lets talk about wine!

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