How many bottles does a barrel create?

Each barrel yields 28-31 bottles. The discrepancies in bottles per barrel is due to the amount of sediment in the wine, which will naturally displace the liquid.

How long does the process take?

Fermentation takes 4-6 weeks depending on the type of wine you purchased. After the wine is finished fermenting, you and your party will come in to bottle it and label it. We encourage the bottling to be a festive time with friends and family. Bring food and an expectation to have fun!

Do you add sulfites to the wine?

We must add sulfites to your wine in order to protect it from spoilage-causing microbes and oxidation. It must be added, otherwise it will go bad. Our wines are designed to have 1/10th the normal sulfites that grocery store wines contain. This is part of the reason your wine will mature relatively quickly.

Does your pricing include bottles?

Yes, our pricing not only includes bottles, but corks, shrink caps and labels too!

Where does the juice come from?

We import our raw ingredients from top-quality vineyards all over the world. We purchase grapes from growers by specifying conditions at harvest. These specifications tend to be very rigid, for although the grapes may change radically from harvest to harvest, it is essential that the juices maintain very high levels of consistency so you can be sure of what you are purchasing!

How long will my wine last?

Our wines will generally last about two years in the bottle. We suggest storing the wine in a cool dark place in your home. After you open your bottles, we recommend you drink the wine within 24 hours.

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