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Please submit your label file types as .pdf, .jpg, .psp, or .png

Label size is 3 1/3 inches by 4 inches. (Or vise versa)

Note: Mac users please submit your labels as a .pdf file.


Here are a few tips to remember when creating your labels!:

Please keep label designs to one label per purchasing party. IE: You and your best friend split the cost of a barrel of wine. You get to create one label design, and your friend gets to create one label design. If you and your wife purchase a barrel, please keep the label design to one label.

For ½ Barrel Purchases, only one label made be submitted.

Please include the name on the receipt of your purchase. If your name is Margret Snow, and the barrel was purchased under John Smith, please identify that your labels belong with the John Smith order.

Please submit your labels at least 48 hours before your  bottling party. The later your submission, the less likely they may be able to be printed in time!